We engineer safe structures as a force for good in our communities.

Structures are rigid. Engineers don't have to be.


Why we are here.

Engineering is about solving problems, but at Bellrock it is so much more. We are passionate about finding innovative solutions to add value for our clients and improve our built environment one project at a time. From concept to completion, we’ll work alongside you every step of the way to bring your vision into reality.

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What we do.

We may design structures, but we deliver peace of mind. Our clients depend on our reasonable timelines and cost-effective designs.

Since no two projects are alike, we offer a variety of structural engineering services to meet the needs of all our clients.

New Construction
Forensic Investigations
Special Inspections
Condition Assessments

Who we serve.

We work with builders, architects, and homeowners who need a safe and sensible solution now. 

Work in this industry is demanding. Working with us is not. Responsive and exceptional client services are at the heart of how we work. To us, the bonds we build are as important as the buildings we design.


Bellrock Structural Engineering are knowledgeable problem solvers. They are easy to work with and we consider them as part of our team.
Nathan Almon
Bellrock Structural Engineering is our company's go-to for fast and reliable engineering solutions. They are always up for a challenge.
Kyle Myrmel

Need a safe, sensible, and cost-effective solution?

Who we are.

Bellrock Structural Engineering was founded on the desire to be a force for good. 

Our ambition is to advance the resilience of our communities, promote the well-being of our clients/colleagues, and design structures people enjoy using.

Austin Thompson

Founding Principal

Austin has extensive experience in structural design, forensics, and construction supervision. His professional background extends across many structural engineering industries – research, private practice, and most recently abroad with an international non-profit.

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